Here is introduction of how our lesson goes on.

9:00 Opening Rei , exemplum

Line up in the order of your obi, bow to the front, and bow to the Sensei. Then, we all recite the ``Dojo Kun.'' Afterwards, there will be a lesson from the Sensei. I (as a Sensei) try to tell short stories of 2 to 3 minutes about things like how to keep in mind when practicing, famous quotes from great people, passages from the Analects, and the path we should take as people. (This blog summarizes the stories I have done so far.

9:10 warm-up exercise

We do normal warm-up exercises and stretching. Occasionally, recreational play is also included. The children were having so much fun that they called out for an encore, saying, ``Sensei, do it again!'' But we couldn't just do warm-up exercises.…

9:30 Basic movements, auxiliary movements

Basic movements of punching and kicking. 100 thrusts and kicks each. Auxiliary movements are made easier to learn by breaking down the movements that appear in Uechi-ryu kata. Practice this once.

9:45 Kata

After a break, we practice kata. First, everyone practices the basic kata ``San-Chin,'' and then each student practices the next kata according to their rank and proficiency.

10:10 Kumite (sparring)

We put on protective gear and supporters and practice kumite. Children who are just starting out and don't have protective gear yet should carry kick mitts.
In pairs, we begin by taking turns practicing techniques and combinations that can be used in kumite. After that, rotate free kumite and perform one and a half minutes each.

10:45 Closing Rei, meditation

After sitting upright and meditating, we bow to the Sensei, bow to the front, and bow to each other, and then today's practice is over. Before leaving, the Sensei will stamp everyone's "experience point card"!