Karate gives children a healthy body, a gentle heart, and Japanese culture

Karate is a child's lesson and is now as popular as English conversation and swimming.
Learning karate will help you grow stronger, more focused, and more energetic. Also, since it is an individual sport, not a team sport, even children at their own pace can practice at their own pace.

Courtesy and social experience acquired from a child (3 years old)

At the dojo, before and after the lessons, you should sit upright, sing the dojo kun, and thank you before you start. Before starting the kumite or the match, give a good thank you. "Etiquette" is the most important thing for children to grow up and live a social life. From an early age, boy karate is the best way to learn how to respect the other person and how to treat superiors without difficulty.

The Shin-Urayasu Family Karate Circle is looking for members from kindergarten (3 years old) to elementary school students. Let's aim to be a cheerful, cheerful and solid child together!

About Shin-Urayasu Family Karate Kobudo Club

Our representative has been doing karate and kobudo in Urayasu for 19 years. Since I started practicing with my child 6 years ago, I felt the utmost joy and reward in teaching my children karate and watching them improve little by little. I decided to start a karate class.

Our representative has stayed in 3 countries around the world and is fluent in English.